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Tieu Equation: the Elixir of Life

To The World: Part 5

Erin Schrodinger discovered an equation that explained how quantum particles behave in their wave-like actions. His Nobel Prize was received in 1933.

Many of us can repeat the equation Albert Einstein is famous for: E=MC2. Einstein didn’t create a practical application of his equation; because it’s all about energy, and energy exists everywhere in nature. He received the Nobel Prize in 1922; but only the smartest scientists knew the meaning of his equation. Twenty-three years later, a practical application of E=MC2 was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The bombs’ energy was strong to support life.

When Einstein was 8 years old, another scientist, Erin Schrodinger, was born in Austria. He and Einstein became good friends and worked together on their field theories. Schrodinger discovered an equation that explained how quantum particles behave in their wave-like actions. His Nobel Prize was received in 1933. He also wrote a book explaining his equation. The title of the book is “What is Life?” The question mark is very big on the front cover, because Schrodinger still didn’t know where the very spark of life came from. The question mark could be asking, “What happens, exactly, when the egg and sperm come together?”

That spark is very important for us. It’s the moment scientists have been thinking about, studying and looking for since the First Emperor of China began the search for the Elixir-of-Life in 221BC. Down through the ages, as one great mind figured out a piece to life’s puzzle, he passed the knowledge on. Scientist after scientist built on that knowledge. When they invented the microscope, a whole new universe-of-the-tiny was opened up. Then the telescope brought the universe-of-the-huge into focus.

Peering into both universes revealed similarities between the two. In the huge universe, they saw black holes that collected particles from space until they exploded into a supernova. They viewed the supernova like a womb giving birth to new stars and planets. As the supernova explodes, it forms a familiar shape. It’s the shape we see when two cells divide, when two stones are dropped in water and the two wave circles flow through each other. We see it in the yin and yang symbols. I see it when I walk out my back door and look at the Sticky Weed that’s growing by my back step. The weed’s seeds grow so close together like Siamese twins. They look like a miniature supernova.

Scientists have observed, measured and studied everything about that phenomenal shape. Its size, contents and mannerisms are understood. But in the center of the overlapping spheres hides some species of black hole where the spark of life ignites. Even the Hubble Telescope or Electron Microscope fail to let us see what’s happening inside there.

Einstein’s equation gave us the answer to the explosive part of that shape. Schrodinger’s equation took us to the “black hole” where the life-spark ignited, but what happens inside the cell that caused it to want to divide? Where’s the “black hole” inside the cell that collects particles of nutrients until it heats up and explodes into new life? Some great minds will arrive at this question and answer it by saying it’s the Creator’s secret; He’s the giver of life, and they leave it right there in His hands.

Other great minds keep asking why? How? And when? They aren’t content to leave it in the Creator’s hands. They want to know what is in the Creator’s mind. How does He think? Why do things work the way He designed them too? Nature is complex and fascinating. They choose to explore its wisdom to the height, depth, breadth and width of the Creator’s mind. Even though it will take eternity before they know it all, they keep asking, studying, researching and imagining. The Creator promises that those that seek will find.

Thirty years ago, another great mind followed in the footsteps of our scientific ancestors. He grew to understand the equations including Einstein’s and Schrodinger’s. He let his imagination take him into the black hole and put things together in the dark until he found the recipe that ignited the spark of life. Then he used his extensive knowledge of the microscopic universe to break down nutrients to their tiniest particles. His understanding of the world of quantum mechanics guided him through the recreation of a “black hole” environment inside a technology tube in his lab. Then he ran fermented, quantized nutrients through the tube and observed what he felt when he ate those nutrients. His continuing experiments showed what happened when the technology-laden nutrients entered living cells. The cells’ energy increased until they became capable of removing the toxic substances that were plaguing the cell’s environment. With the toxins removed, the cells returned to normal function according to the Creator’s design. This was demonstrated in plants first, then animals, then humans.

This new technology came complete with its own equation; however, the Tieu Equation wasn’t revealed until March 22, 2023. The practical application of this equation has been around for the better part of thirty years. The research and documentation were completed just as the COVID-19 pandemic arrived; but, because the Tieu Equation Technology is such a threat to disease care, eight agencies gathered together to shut it down. The Tieu Equation was kept hidden until the indictment is sufficiently being brought to a close. Now, it’s time to take it “To The World” by dropping it into one-mouth-at-a-time.

Many of us have had the privilege of experiencing the Tieu Equation Technology in our body. It comes in the products ImunStem & Aktiffvate and all the other products from Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical, Inc. Huu S. Tieu, the inventor, is well on his way to joining Einstein and Schrodinger as a Nobel Prize Laureate; the future will tell. The Nobel Prize is awarded to “those who, during the preceding year, have conferred the greatest benefit to mankind.” – Wikipedia. This reference goes on to say that Alfred Nobel, whose will of 1895 created the Nobel Prize system, was “most famously known for the invention of dynamite.” It’s interesting that the First Emperor of China, was known for his search for the Elixir-of-Life, found dynamite instead. In Einstein’s equation, E stands for energy. M means mass, and C stands for the speed of light. The 2 means the speed of light is multiplied by itself (186,000 miles per second X 186,000). I can’t imagine the speed of that number. It’s faster than I can think. No wonder the atom bomb was so destructive, and no wonder the miniature cellular explosions from the Tieu Equation Technology brings such nice, rejuvenating energy to our tired, worn-out cells.

One more wonderful thing is happening. The expense for the products ImunStem & Aktiffvate has just started to be covered by insurance. Blue Cross completed the first payment this week. This milestone will be making many healthcare providers happy as they put their patients’ disease prevention strategies using the Tieu Equation Technology on the front burner of their practice. Patients are breathing a great sigh of relief as they finally see their insurance companies covering their choice of the Tieu Equation Technology as a key player in their health-building protocol. Great things are happening and more to come.

Until then … TAKE CHARGE! … Sylvia


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