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How Lack of Nutrients Causes Disease

To The World: Part 4

On March 22, 2023, The Tieu Equation was dropped on the world. Its explosion has traveled around the globe through the minds of the scientists who understand its meaning. But, for those of us whose eyes roll at the word “physics”, who fall asleep when we hear “biology” or are sent into a coma by the word “quantum”, the Tieu Equation will blow right over our heads so fast, we’ll catch a bad cold.

It all starts with the way living cells are designed to function. Every living thing eats, drinks, sleeps, poops and makes babies. The nutrients-in part is the first step, because every cell requires nutrients to function. The Creator was very smart to think of what would happen if there was a “famine-in-the-land”? Where would the heart find the nutrients to keep beating for another day? The Creator’s answer was a well-designed nutrient back-up system within every living thing. The back-up plan guarantees that nutrients will be made available even if they have to be borrowed from other areas of the body. We all know about this same system in the world of finances. We have savings and retirement accounts to back up our checking funds. Those who build their body-money-savings and retirement accounts will keep functioning at a higher level as they age.

What this shows us, is there is clearly two systems that keep us alive. The primary system operates on nutrients that flow into the body. This system is where thriving health originates. The secondary system operates on nutrients that are already in the body. This system is what our body uses to survive a little longer. The Tieu Equation superpowers the thriving system. This allows the survival system to rest and not be so dominant.

Revealing the distinction between these two systems is where Huu’s life work shines. This is what he teaches along with a little paraphrasing of his words.

Think back to when you were one cell in your mother’s body. As one cell, you had two jobs to do. 1) Absorb nutrients from your mother’s body (she had lots for you), and 2) perform your function. The job you had to do as one cell was to divide and make two cells, and you did that. Then your two cells absorbed nutrients and divided into four cells. Now, here you are trillions of cells all doing their two jobs; absorbing nutrients and doing their function.

When you were still only a few cells big, one of you decided to take on the function of a brain. That cell developed into your spinal cord, nerves and Central Nervous System (the command center of your body).

After that, you developed your organs and systems. Another cell decided to take on the function of a heart. It formed four chambers and started to beat. Soon your circulatory system was in place. All your organs and systems developed that way. Organs and systems need to communicate to work together as a team; therefore, your cell-phone system. Now, your organs can call each other and say, “Can you hear me now?” Your communication system involves those endocrine glands, and the messages they send are your hormones.

The next thing you made were your bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Then you wrapped yourself in skin and “Waaa!” here you are.

What Huu has just described is the Natural Creation Pathway. Every animal and human walked it. It was designed by the Creator and no one can deviate from it. If someone tries, they don’t survive. Huu continues his teaching by describing one more cellular function.

There is one more job that every cell does; protects itself from toxins. Toxins are molecules that are not nutrients. They look and act like nutrients, but the cell looks at the two little horns on the nutrient’s head and says “Ah-ha! You’re an artificial nutrient. You can’t come in.” The cell grabs some of its nutrients, throws them at the toxin and the toxin leaves. The cell will continue to drive out toxins until the nutrients are gone. When a living cell becomes nutrient deficient, it cannot defend itself. When a toxin enters the cell, the cell does not die. It malfunctions.

A malfunctioning cell is like a computer that gets a virus. It makes you mad every minute, because it doesn’t work right. However, you don’t throw the computer away. It contains years of important information. I take my computer to the geeks and say, “Fix it!” They remove the virus and give me back a computer that has returned to normal function. It doesn’t make me mad every minute. That’s exactly how our cells work. When there aren’t enough nutrients, the toxins move in and create malfunction. When nutrients arrive again, toxins are driven out and the cells return to normal function.

Malfunctioning cells creates a “condition”. A condition may be anything like a pain of some sort, fatigue, hair loss, swelling, stiffness, cough, weakness, bone loss, imbalances in blood pressure, pH, cholesterol, weight, etc. Conditions are caused by toxins. When the toxins are removed, the condition goes away. When cells have enough nutrients to drive out the toxins, normal function returns to the cells.

Nutrients need to be supplied from outside the body. If they are not supplied from outside the body, the body’s survival mechanisms will cause the nutrients to be borrowed from within the body somewhere. The body is designed to store nutrients for peak cellular function and longevity. Chemicals can be used to tap into the storehouses and make nutrient loans through the survival mechanisms. An abundant variety of nutrients pouring into the body every day causes thriving health. A lack of nutrients invites the presence of toxins and eventual malfunctioning of our cells. When enough cells start to malfunction, we begin to experience a “condition”. Conditions build into diseases.

More clarity on the confusion is coming. Until then … TAKE CHARGE! … Sylvia


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