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Sugar Scammers

Problems create feelings of frustration and a desire to have someone’s help. Calling a “HELP Line”, these days, results in being asked to “press 1…or 2…or 3…,” and frustration builds. “Can I just talk to a real person?” we think, “someone who can help solve this problem.” Pressing a number often results in more numbers to press and more frustration. This system is so impersonal and irritating. When you finally talk to a real person, your words are filled with frustration.

To deal with you, the live person must emanate calmness, reassurance and knowledge. They’re not just helping you solve your problem. They’re dealing with your frustration at the same time. The live person will be very smooth as they help you. An expert problem solver is on your side and quickly builds your trust.

An expert problem solver can be so good as to even create the problem they are going to solve for you. It’s a subtle trap if you fall into it. The expert problem solver keeps you so focused on solving your problem you don’t detect the “needle” that’s being inserted under your skin to drain your life blood. In fact, the expert problem solver can keep you so focused on solving the problem that you don’t realize you’re the one inserting the needle into your own skin and draining your own life blood. The problem has become so big and bad that a little poke through your skin becomes tolerable. The solution is in sight.


It feels so good to have the problem solved. You can almost laugh at all you went through to solve it. Then your true friend sees the needle wound and yells, “You’ve just been HAD!” Those words snap you out of your dream state. They pull the “Helpful haze” from your eyes, and you clearly see the scam-trail you walked. Oh-oh-oh, to go back where you were a few minutes ago. Oh-oh-oh, the damage that can be done in a heartbeat; or over time.

This scenario is playing under our skin every day. Sugar is one expert problem solver; a sweet little scammer. Every addictive substance is in the same category with sugar. Every addictive substance is a Body-Money-Scammer.

Sugar is the first substance we make all our children addicted too. Love is a box of chocolates. Happiness is a sack of Halloween candy. Praise for being good is a sucker from the school teacher or the dentist; of all places.

The problems we have under our skin all start with a lack of nutrients, because nutrients are what every cell needs to function in the top-of-its-game. Nutrients are money; Body-Money. Nutrients are what we use to pay our organs to work for us.

If the brain needs $100/hour to function at its best, and it only receives $95, it will need to start drawing money out of another account to keep functioning in the top-of-its-game. Body-Money-Savings accounts are tucked away in every organ and tissue; however, those are not touched as long as sizable nutrient paychecks are being deposited from the digestive system.

Processed foods have lost many Body-Money-Nutrients on their way to our plate. High temperatures (above 120ﹾF, which is already above body temperature) reduce nutrients even more. The paychecks get smaller and smaller. More and more food is consumed while attempting to raise the deposit total. The addition of nutrient deficient foods adds more stress and debt.

A lack of funds causes the Body-Money-Bank-Tellers to work less than in the top-of-their-game. They move more slowly and transfer insufficient funds from Body-Money-Savings to indebted checking accounts.

Then along comes sugar who sweetly prods the tellers into faster action and larger transfer amounts. Soon the brain and organs are functioning in the top-of-their-game again. Once the brain feels the result of a stimulant, it knows how to call for more. This is the pathway to addiction. Addictions start out innocently, at first, until more and stronger stimulants are needed.

As the savings accounts are drained, side effects show up. More and more organs stop functioning in the top-of-their-game. Stronger stimulants activate the Body-Money-Loan-Officers to start taking Loans-From-The-Bones. This is when degenerative diseases begin.

If a true friend comes along and says, “You’ve been HAD!” Will the addict listen? Will they allow the “Helpful Haze” of addiction to be stripped from their eyes? Will they see clearly the path they’ve walked toward Body-Money-Bankruptcy and Big-Ugly diseases? Will they seek nutrient density and turn back toward ultimate health?

Family Helm Holistic Clinic

Family Helm Clinic

Sylvia Harral opened the Family Helm in 2016 to change the way people heal from serious and life-threatening diseases and conditions.  


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