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How a Grand Jury Decision Introduced the Tieu Equation to the World

To The World: Part 3

Huu S. Tieu is a prominent figure in the Porterville community. Many know him as that little Chinese guy who is always in a hurry, but he is so much more. He is a highly acclaimed scientist, a shroud businessman and an entrepreneur. Those who frequent the tennis courts find a challenge returning his serve or matching his keen strategy. His knowledge of plants and herbs has no match. His high functioning mind cannot even be matched by all the king’s horses and all the king’s men as demonstrated throughout the past 30 years of dealings with government agencies, law-creating activities and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s approval process.

Thousands of us already hold him in high esteem for the results we receive from taking the practical application of his just released Tieu Equation. His equation is exploding through the scientific world. Physics professors and world class scientists see the answer to their long-held questions about “What is Life?” They understand it instantly, and send their congratulations or further questions back to Porterville.

As for us who are brave enough to swallow the practical application, we just let the technology do exactly what the Equation says it will do. It will explode through our body from one cell to the next like the Atom Bomb or a Supernova only not so big and destructive. Once the strong taste has been washed down our throats, we feel our health build gradually day after day. When we take the Tieu Equation into our body, our kindled energy honors its inventor.

Being around Huu gives exposure to his kind, caring heart. It’s generous toward helping relieve human suffering from pain and malfunctioning bodies. His knowledge, talent, and leadership have been poured into his company, Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical, Inc. The technology he invented is the foundation in every dietary supplement produced. Each product supports Huu’s life mission to bring an end to mankind’s suffering from serious, life-threatening diseases and conditions.

Huu was born into a family who, for over 500 years, have been continuing the search for the Elixir-of-Life that was started by the First Emperor of China in 221 BC. The focus is kept on positive results from the use of all herbal processes and formulas oriented toward the support of life at the cellular level. Chemicals of any kind are refused, because living cells are designed to function on nutrients only. The search has been passed down through the ages until 1962 when Huu was born. At a young age, he was commissioned by his family to finish the project and take it to the world. First, he mastered the knowledge from his family’s project. Then he grew to understand each of the great scientists down through the ages including what NASA says about space. While holding all that knowledge in his head, he let his imagination take him where no one had ever been. Huu invented a technology that is everything his family could possibly dream of. In October 2022, he began to reveal it to us. The secret behind that technology has always been the Tieu Equation, but he never let the secret out until about two weeks ago on March 22, 2023.

Anyone who is curious to know what specifically supports cell life, what puts the finishing touch on the search for the Elixir-of-Life, what has us feeling the results we do when we put the Tieu Equation in our bodies can go to Google Scholar and type in Huu S. Tieu. Five articles that contain the explanation have been printed in peer-reviewed journals. They will pop up for all to see.

The next part of Huu’s story is not as pretty. It’s been bit disturbing and down-right frustrating at times to go through; but, in the long run, it is probably the greatest blessing that could have happened.

In the early months of 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic loomed over the horizon, the whole world faced that fear-based health challenge. Huu and his company were poised to meet it. The science and documentation were in place. Every rule, guideline and legality required by the FDA in its approval process had been followed to the letter. Five phases are required for final approval, and Huu had only two steps left. Each step takes years and millions of dollars to complete. There was not time to finish the last two steps before the technology could be available to those suffering from the pandemic. The world needed the technology NOW!

Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical was one of the first companies to receive the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization. Huu and his medical team sprang into action with the life-promoting products. He attended an press conference regarding the technology that was made available to China to help stop the spread of the virus over there. Even though everything was said in Chinese, it was easy to see the pleasure and excitement on the people’s faces as they anticipated putting an end to some of the suffering in their country. After they left the conference, no news media in either China or the USA said a word about it.

The fear of suffering and death increased until the corruption from that fear brought innocent USA government agents to Porterville. With orders from headquarters, the agents’ job was to take the steps necessary to shut down potential opposition to what the news media said was the pandemic’s answer. Some of us, I being one, were handed a subpoena to appear before the grand jury on July 16, 2020, early in the morning in Fresno. Why were we chosen to go?

“The role of the grand jury is to determine whether the evidence gathered by a district, state, or federal prosecuting attorney creates a justifiable basis for an indictment. A grand jury can be thought of as a shield against unjust prosecution. If there is no evidence, a person will not be accused of a crime. The 5th amendment of the constitution guarantees a person the right to a grand jury for felonies under federal law. The prosecutor presents the case and evidence. The grand jury may request the court to submit further evidence including witness testimony and subpoenas of documents. Grand juries operate almost entirely in secret. The press and public are not allowed into the room. Witnesses are generally allowed to discuss their testimony. The prosecutor is expected to act in good faith; but, with no judge present and the grand jury closed to the public, there are concerns about transparency.” - Wikipedia

When those of us who were subpoenaed arrived at the courthouse that morning, it was closed, because of COVID. There was no grand jury hearing. We were bewildered. We had wanted Huu to feel supported by our friendly, cheering faces as he walked by. We had planned to do a special dance for him so he could feel our energy around him and hear uplifting music. We wanted him to know how serious we were about supporting him. It took a bit for reality of the situation to sink in. Was the effort we put in to arrive in Fresno early in the morning with signs in hand and smiles on our faces all for nothing? We decided to do it anyway; for nothing. We gathered together with our signs and took pictures of our group in front of the courthouse. Then we turned the music up as loud as it would go and danced our hearts out to Mandisa singing “Overcomer”. What a beautiful moment it was hearing the music and words bounce off the walls of the courthouse. The courtyard rang with the message we had come to give Huu. “Whatever it is you may be going through, I know He’s not going to let it get the best of you. You’re an OVERCOMER! Stay in the fight till the final round. You’re not going under, ‘cuz God is holding you right now. You might be down for a moment, feeling like it’s hopeless, that’s when He reminds you that you’re an OVERCOMER!” As the song and dance ended, we noticed people standing behind the windows clapping and waving. We waved back, left and had breakfast together.

Six days later, on July 22, 2020, we learned what had happened. The Sun Gazette printed an article that said, “Federal grand jury indicts Huu Tieu for marketing herbal mixture as FDA approved substance that could treat COVID-19. On July 9, a federal grand jury returned a five-count indictment for pushing an herbal mixture that he claimed could treat COVID-19 and was FDA approved.”

An innocent grand jury met one week before our worthless subpoenas had said they would. The grand jury heard only the prosecutor’s information which gave them no choice but to write the criminal indictment against Huu. On July 14, two days before our subpoenas said to appear before the grand jury, Huu was arrested and taken to jail.


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