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KemoHerb: A Revolutionary Way to Fight Cancer Naturally

KemoHerb the most advanced all-natural cancer treatment available

When we decided to have our first child, I was having problems getting pregnant. Over a year later my aunt, who owned an all-natural products store, suggested we change our diet to plant-based, reduce the amount of sugar, and drink apple-cider vinegar twice each day. Two months later I was pregnant. We never looked back and completely changed our lifestyle to living more holistically.

Fast forward sixteen years. On Christmas Day 2016 we were told that my husband had stage 4 esophageal cancer. Our options given from three different oncologists, including MD Anderson in Houston, was 21 weeks of chemotherapy, radiation, followed up with a monstrous surgery to remove his entire esophagus and a third of his upper stomach. All that with only a 5% chance to live. MD Anderson physicians literally sat there and said his chances were not good, but at least there they could possibly give him a couple more years. I looked at my husband sitting on the edge of that patient bed, with the oncologist, radiologist, and surgeon all sitting across from us spouting to us our dismal odds, and I blurted out, "Run. Now!" And we did.

Rusty Hilger NFL Raiders Quarterback

My husband, a former NFL Quarterback, needed a Hail Mary and we had found it. We were introduced to an all-natural product called KemoHerb through a former teammate and friend. My husband had started taking the natural cancer treatment 4 weeks prior to our appointment at MD Anderson. The endoscopy had revealed that the tumor was dying. Our odds were increasing.

Four months later my husband no longer had any signs of cancer. He went from a 95% chance of dying to 100% living without using any type of "traditional" cancer treatments. Since that time, many others have taken this same path and have enjoyed the benefits of using KemoHerb to fight their cancer.

Rusty and Tera Hilger
Rusty and Tera Hilger 11 months after being diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer

Benefits of using KemoHerb

One of the first things most people notice is they sleep much better. My husband not only had a great night sleep the first day taking the product, he didn't snore either. In fact, he was sleeping so calmly that it woke me up. My first thought was, "oh my gosh, this stuff has killed him!" He was sleeping that comfortably and breathing soundly.

The second day his energy levels had already greatly improved. Those with cancer will experience a lack of energy. It's taking everything their body has to fight this monster taking over each cell one by one. The KemoHerb is designed to immediately boost the nutrition levels of every cell, improving the immune system, which in turn boosts energy levels. The scientist used his extensive knowledge of the microscopic universe to break down nutrients to their tiniest particles. His understanding of the world of quantum mechanics guided him through the recreation of a “black hole” environment inside a technology tube in his lab. Then he ran fermented, quantized nutrients through the tube and observed what he felt when he ate those nutrients. His continuing experiments showed what happened when the technology-laden nutrients entered living cells. The cells’ energy increased until they became capable of removing the toxic substances that were plaguing the cell’s environment. With the toxins removed, the cells returned to normal function. This was demonstrated in plants first, then animals, then humans. (Learn more here>>)

As the energy increases, and the toxins are driven out of the body, appetite improves, mental alertness heightens, and hope is restored. An older gentleman in his early eighties who was diagnosed with stage 4 throat cancer opted for the KemoHerb treatment over chemo/radiation. After 2 weeks on the products, he flew to California to visit the Family Helm Clinic and meet the scientist. During his 4 day stay, he and his wife visited the Sequoia National Park and hiked along it's trails to see General Sherman's Tree. Remember, he has stage 4 cancer and he hiked at 7000 ft with no problems. In fact, he said he felt great and was excited to see the end results. They flew back home to Texas and the next day after arriving home, he played in a fund-raiser golf tournament and hit his longest drive ever of over 300 yards! You are not going to do that after a chemo or radiation treatment.

KemoHerb has no known contraindications with any other drugs. It gives you energy, improves "brain fog", improves appetite, sleep is enhanced, those that snore will see a positive effect, life will get back to normal quickly, and hope will be restored. Basically, there are not any negative side-effects. Quality of life is restored quickly.

***I am not in any capacity involved in the medical field. My husband flourished, as well as many other's with cancer, after taking the KemoHerb. I am a true believer that natural products work to heal our bodies and have lived it first hand. Take this information, dive deeper into it, and find your natural healing pathway.

To learn more, please read the medical journal articles referring to this product or contact us immediately for a free consultation.

Family Helm Holistic Clinic

Family Helm Clinic

Sylvia Harral opened the Family Helm in 2016 to change the way people heal from serious and life-threatening diseases and conditions.


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