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Life is Quantum Biology and Clinical Observation of Cancer Treatment Features

Clinical Observation of Cancer Treatment Features

The CANCER Plan of Care treatment begins with the use of all dietary supplement products:

ImunStem and Aktiffvate to improve immune system function then the administration of KemoHerb-1, KemoHerb-2, KemoHerb-PI, KemoHerb-NR, AnterFerron-1, AnterFerron-2, CRProtein, HyProtein-1, HyProtein-2, HyProtein-3, HyProtein-4, and LyProtein are given to flush the system and arrest the development of the Cancers.

Cancer patients treated with the CANCER Plan of Care have medical records of the observed outcomes. The medical record results show that the Technology/Innovation has a positive effect on a variety of Cancers.

The observation was not to treat a specific type cancer but to show that all cancers should be included in only one category.

A group suffering from a variety of cancers were observed in a clinical setting to retrieve data that showed a benefit for treatments with the Technology/Innovation products.

A total of twenty-seven cancer patients were tracked using clinical observation, blood reports, CT/PET scans, cancer testing, etc. The results on paper showed significant improvement. This is shown on patient outcomes chart of Cancer Survival Rate Results (Table 1).

What is not included on the chart is the quality-of-life these patients experienced during and after treatment with the Technology/Innovation products. These patients experienced an ability to travel and enjoy life even if the ultimate result was death. Patients talked about meeting with family and friends outside the hospital setting, not experiencing some side-effects such as the loss of hair, nausea, constipation and debility. Cancer Patients also had an improved lifespan. The Technology/Innovation products do not have properties that are harmful to the human body.

NOTE: EMERGENCY D-Virus Plan of Care and CANCER Plan of Care provides treatment for COVID-19 and patients suffering from Serious or Life-threatening conditions. Technology/Innovation dietary supplement products are safe and effective for patients to be treated in hospitals or at home.

Using the Technology/Innovation patients were followed for Two-Years to see the survival results from diagnosis of various cancers.

NOTE: A total of 27-patients with various cancers had been treated with chemotherapy, radiation and surgery received with poor outcomes. The CANCER Plan of Care provided these patients with an improved quality-of-life.


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