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Amazing Recovery for Loved Family Pet With Cancer

Imunstem and Aktiffvate protecting your pets with cancer and other serious and life-threatening conditions

Imunstem and Aktiffvate, a true 100% all-natural regenerative medicine, is not just for humans. It also works wonders in animals and even plants.

This amazing story is more proof of just how powerful and wonderful these products really are. Notice how quick the products work in the system and how the dog reacts after taking them.


Pet with caner. Tumor on eye

A dog that had a tumor by it's eye was treated by a vet who couldn't help him. The vet said they could surgically remove the eye, then give the dog chemo, but that the dog would die anyway. There were no more treatments that the doctor knew of.

The owner of the dog was already taking the Imunstem and Aktiffvate and decided to give some to his beloved pet.

The dog could not even get up, but when he received the products, the following happened.....

Pet with cancer after only a couple of weeks on the Imunstem and Aktiffvate

After approximately two weeks of continued treatments with the Imunstem and Aktiffvate, the tumor greatly improved! He is now on the road to recovery.

Imunstem and Aktiffvate for your Pets with cancer and other serious and life threatening conditions.

If you, a family member or friend, or an animal in need has a condition or disease, CONTACT US TODAY >>

for more information about Imunstem and Aktiffvate

Family Helm Holistic Clinic

Family Helm Clinic

Sylvia Harral opened the Family Helm in 2016 to change the way people & pets heal from serious and life-threatening diseases and conditions.


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