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The Top 10 Deadliest Cancers in the United States in 2023

top 10 deadliest cancers in the U.S. in 2024

According to the American Cancer Society, these are the top 10 deadliest cancers in the United States in 2023, ranked by estimated number of deaths:

Cancer Type Deaths Diagnosed

Based on the data available, the type of cancer that’s rising the fastest in 2024 is Small Intestinal Cancer. Here are some details:

  • New cases in 2000: 1.7 per 100,000 people

  • New cases in 2010: 2.6 per 100,000 people

  • New cases in 2020: 2.9 per 100,000 people

  • Increase in new case rates from 2000 to 2020: 76.8%

The small intestine brings digested food from your stomach to the large intestine. This small bowel processes food and absorbs nutrients from it into your body. It's not known what's causing this increase in the cancer rates, it might be caused by alcohol or a diet high in red meat. Usually this type of cancer occurs in those over 60, but now it is rapidly increasing in those under 50.

Another cancer that is increasing in young adults is colon cancer and it's now the leading cause of cancer death in those under the age of 50. Health experts are not sure what is causing this increase, however, diet, lack of exercise, and alcohol consumption may contribute.

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Please note that this information is based on the data available up to 2020 and the actual rates in 2024 may vary. It’s always important to have regular medical checks for early detection of any type of cancer


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