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Imunstem is the beginning block of your healing journey. The crucial foundational first-step. Imunstem acts as an opener in your body, preparing the way for the rest of the products. It starts actively working in your body right away. 


Aktiffvate supports immunity, improving overall health for the human body and maintains good well-being.




Imunstem and Aktiffvate



    Cancer Plan of Care

    Cancer Plan of Care

    The CANCER Plan of Care treatment consists of the following dietary supplement products:

    ImunStem and Aktiffvate to improve immune system function, then the administration of

    KemoHerb-1, KemoHerb-2,

    KemoHerb-PI, KemoHerb-NR, AnterFerron-1, AnterFerron-2, CRProtein,

    HyProtein-1, HyProtein-2, HyProtein-3, HyProtein-4, and


    are given to flush the system and arrest the development of the Cancers


    Metabolic Plan of Care

    Rejuvenates the cell and brings the cell back to a homeostasis balance. This balance to the cell (through nutrition) can give the surrounding cells a homeostasis balance that may heal cells and tissues in the body.

    The DetoxHerbs can create positive medical results for patients with Serious or Life-threatening conditions or diseases.

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