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The novelty of ImunStem: the first dietary supplement to be approved by the FDA

ImunStem stimulates the immune system throughout the body.

ImunStem also helps blood flow through the system, especially in difficult regions such as body capillaries.

ImunStem is a highly mobile compound that has been shown as a central nervous system and immune system stimulant.

ImunStem can act alone safely or with other medical therapies to maximize efficacy and produce faster and lasting benefits to treat serious or life-threatening conditions or diseases by supporting immune system function.

Physicians have observed that using ImunStem provokes a significant response, i.e., a reduction in symptoms in patients with these diseases: autism, Alzheimer’s, neuropathy, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, schizoaffective disorder, fragile-X syndrome, and a significant decrease of side-effects to chemotherapy for cancer.

ImunStem has been shown to help reduce the loss of blood from surgical the wound and menstrual periods (shorter and lighter periods).

ImunStem indicates Serious or Life-threatening conditions or diseases.

Serious or Life-threatening conditions or diseases are defined as:

a condition where the likelihood of death is high unless the course of the disease is interrupted and conditions or diseases with potentially fatal outcomes may occur, where the end point of clinical analysis is survival needs to be addressed. The criteria of life-threatening do not require the condition to be immediately life-threatening or to immediately result in death. Rather, the patients must be in a life-threatening situation requiring intervention before review at a convened Instructional Review Board meeting is feasible.

ImunStem has been given by licensed physicians/doctors to patients suffering from Serious or Life-threatening conditions or diseases.

ImunStem does not have harmful side effects and is very safe to use. It has shown efficacy and is admired by physicians/doctors who have administered ImunStem and have observed an improvement in patient outcomes, including improved quality of life.

The Quantum Wave effect is observed in nature. In the picture/photo below is a lake with winds distributed across the top of the water. This wind was in a relatively even distribution however there are distinctly two effects taking place. Notice the far end of the lake having what can be called a choppy water effect where the winds are pushing the water in an uneven pattern, however, the water close to the picture/photo being taken has a relatively calm pattern in which the wind is not catching or pushing the water but following over the water without disturbing the water.

**This wave effect can also be transferred to the quantum particle where a Quantum Wave is pushing or disrupting the particles to create a choppy wave effect. After this occurs the wave effect is canceled and the body is noticed to have a calming effect.

This calming effect can heal damage or Deoxyribonucleic Acid/DNA repair in the human body . In the body, after calmness occurs, cells can have the ability to heal themselves. In a calm state, the body’s cells can replace or heal those cells that are permanently damaged or destroyed.

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Tieu, H. and Loeffler, M. (2022) FDA Approves First Dietary Supplement under New Drug Application with the Indication of Serious or Life-Threatening Illnesses. Pharmacology & Pharmacy, 13, 529-544. doi: 10.4236/pp.2022.1312038.

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