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The Misunderstanding in the Difference between Western Medicine and Natural Healing

To The World: Part 2

The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) website at says the status of the case against Huu Tieu and Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical is still pending. The judge hasn’t brought the gavel down on the indictment yet. The indictment said that Huu’s company, Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical, made unsubstantiated claims for coronavirus prevention or treatment because they were unlawfully advertising their cellular therapy products as treatment for COVID-19. The indictment said, “It is unlawful to advertise that a product can prevent, treat or cure human disease unless you possess competent and reliable scientific evidence … substantiating that the claims are true at the time they are made.” The FTC website also said “claims were made that the Golden Sunrise products, ImunStem, Aktiffvate and AnterFeeron 1&2 were uniquely qualified to treat, and modify the course of the Coronavirus epidemic in CHINA and other countries. Patients with late stages of COVID-19, Hepatitis C, and AIDS/HIV have responded with greatly improved quality and extension-of-life when treated with ImunStem and Aktiffvate. Along with unsubstantiated marketing, this cellular treatment for COVID-19, claims to have been proven to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) saying these are the first dietary supplement in the United States to be approved for the indication to treat Serious or Life-Threatening diseases or conditions.”

As a result of this action by the FTC, the inventor of the products, Huu S. Tieu was arrested on July 14, 2020. A restraining order was placed on the products which stopped them from being sold or given away. It seemed like it was over then; but now, almost three years later, the rest of the story comes out.

Since his grandfather’s commission to finish the family’s project, the technology in the products, and take it to the world, Huu has been preparing for this day. His preparation was so thorough that the handcuffs and moments in jail were received with anticipation for the free world-wide publicity they would bring. The indictment was a representation of the misunderstanding in people’s minds as to the difference between “Western Medicine” and “Natural Healing”. Revealing the distinction between these two is where Huu has devoted his life work, and this is what he teaches.

When a group of cells in a person’s body become nutrient deficient, the cells malfunction. Their malfunction creates a condition. A condition may be anything from a pain of some sort, to redness, swelling, stiffness, cough, weakness, imbalances in blood pressure, pH, cholesterol, weight, bone loss, etc.

Before Western Medicine came along, a person with a “condition” went to Grandma. She gave them just what they needed for a quick return to health. It may have been chicken soup or an herb (weed) from the garden. What Grandma gave were the missing nutrients to bring the malfunctioning cells back to normal. The return to normal function is called “healing.”

Now days, we’re trained to go to a doctor. Our Grandmas don’t always have chicken soup ready. The western medical doctor considers the condition(s) and gives us the name of our disease; the diagnosis. The doctor’s manual gives the recommended pills and procedures, and insurance makes payment easier.

How do the pills work? Somehow, they bring nutrients to the cells for healing. This healing makes it look like the pills are the perfect, easy, cheapest solution. But the pills are not real nutrients. They’re stimulating chemicals that cause different organs and tissues to “loan” their stored nutrients to the deficient cells. No further concern or knowledge is necessary until side effects start showing up. Side effects may happen days, weeks, months or years after the original condition is forgotten. Sometimes the original condition shows up again, and the cycle continues. Immense amounts of money can flow through this never-ending cycle.

Our bodies are designed with two systems for healing. Abundant nutrients that flow into our body from multiple sources bring thriving health. This is the Natural Healing Pathway. Borrowing nutrients from the body’s reserve supplies keeps the health in survival mode. This is the Unnatural Healing Pathway. Survival works fine until the reserves run out. Chemicals play hard ball in this arena. The two paths are similar in many ways with clouds of confusion drifting between them.

When our health-product-monitoring government agencies, FDA, FTC, Medicare, etc. were formed, their main focus was on Western Medicine. Laws were formed that required strict adherence to testing and research. This is needed especially when substances other-than-nutrients (chemicals) are introduced into the body.

The body is created to handle nutrients. Chemicals create a response from the body as if it was being poisoned. Too many chemicals will kill the body. Too many nutrients are stored in fat.

As we proceed with Huu’s story, we’ll see how he clears the clouds of confusion between the two pathways. The Tieu Equation is the scientific breeze that sends the clouds on their way leaving gentle waves of health between them.

Until then … TAKE CHARGE! … Sylvia


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