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The Indictment of Huu Tieu

Huu Tieu

To the World: Part 1

On the front page of the Porterville Recorder on July 15, 2020, an article appeared that said, “Porterville man charged for falsely marketing COVID-19 treatment.” There was a picture of an FBI agent entering the building that housed that “man’s” place of business. The “man’s” case was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Postal Service, California Department of Health Care Services, Tulare County District Attorney’s Office, The California Bureau of Medi-Cal Fraud and Elder Abuse. Two U.S. attorneys, Vincente Tennerelli and Alexandre Dempsey were prosecuting the case. This “man” was taken to jail immediately and indicted with mail fraud and introducing a misbranded drug into interstate commerce with the intent to defraud. This “man’s” treatment was called “Emergency D-Virus Plan of Care”. Also on July 15, as the treatment was taken away, the Porterville Recorder printed the Sierra View Hospital’s record; 133 cases of COVID-19 and 23 deaths.

Three days later, on July 18, 2020, The Porterville Recorder again printed an article saying “Justice for Huu: Nunes called on to help charged doctor. Protesters plead to Nunes in the case of Huu Tieu.” On that day, Sierra View Hospital reported 147 cases of COVID-19 and 23 deaths. The Tid-Bits of Health article in that same paper, pointed to the impact the people in Tulare County were suffering because of the prosecutor’s request to stop this “man’s” products from being available.

On, July 20, 2020, the doctor who was treating COVID-19 patients with the Emergency D-Virus Plan of Care reported treating 54 patients with 100% success rate. That same day, I received this request, “I have just been tested positive for COVID-19. May I please have an appointment with the doctor and get started on the Emergency D-Virus Plan of Care?” “I am so sorry!” was my reply. “The products are locked up in the prosecutor’s request before the judge.”

On July 31, 2020, the indictment stating the “FTC, plaintiff, vs Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical, HUU & Dr. Meis, defendants,” was presented for “bogus treatments for serious medical conditions.” The “complaint alleges that defendants have promoted and sold a variety of products ranging in price from $23,000-$200,000 which falsely claim to treat or cure COVID-19, cancer, Parkinson’s, etc.” The FTC also printed the following statement on their website. “The FTC has gone to court in an effort to see the sun set on what it alleges are Golden Sunrise’s deceptive claims. The just filed case also sends an important message to the hundreds of companies like Golden Sunrise that have received FTC warning letters about how they’ve marketed COVID-related products and services.” That’s the last we’ve heard of Huu Tieu, Dr. Stephen Meis, Medical Director for Golden Sunrise Nutraceutical or their products (ImunStem & Aktiffvate and other treatments).

However, what’s has been happening behind the scenes for the last three years contains a power like the atom bomb; only instead of death and destruction, this gift is prepared to rain pure health over the world one-drop-at-a-time into one-mouth-at-a-time.

The science behind the technology in this gift is rock solid, proven and documented in a series of peer reviewed journal articles. These can be seen in Google Scholar when you search for Huu S. Tieu. More important and believable than the scientific writings is the proof-in-the-pudding that thousands of people all over the world have been experiencing. The practical application of the new Tieu Equation has been delighting the bodies of people and pets for well over a decade in many parts of the world. Porterville, California is home for this technology. San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, as well as Florida, have manufacturing plants. France, Australia, Mexico, China and Morocco are all acquainted with the health-building properties of the products, and the raw materials are sourced the world over.

In contrast to the massive attempt to shut it down in 2020, the come-back will be like an explosion.

To stand against the odds: the indictment, the negative press, the fear, doubt and uncertainty that was forced on us all throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, takes the preparation, skill and faith of today’s “David against Goliath. Our David, AKA Huu, was born with the commission to bless the world. He studied the depths of science, received the knowledge and legacy from over 500 years of his family’s search for the Elixir-of-Life. His passion for his fellow man has made him stand his ground against the grunting bear of the FDA’s product approval process. His sheep have been blessed by his fast, accurate action. Then he faced the lion’s roar of the indictment against him. Again, mankind is blessed by the knowledge, skill and leadership he has demonstrated over the last three years. Today, he stands before the Goliath of Corruption with five, small, carefully chosen stones in his shepherd’s purse. He is not dressed in a full coat of armor either. He simply holds a pen in his hand. His pen functions like a slingshot, and his words are like refreshing light that penetrate the darkness of corruption. Each article that has come from him, since October 2023, is a stone that has been cast into the internet, and if a person chooses to see the proof of the new technology, it’s there.

The Tieu Equation has been penetrating the scientific minds of the world since Wednesday, March 22, 2023. The fifth article contains the equation. It is the stone that is sinking into the forehead of the Goliath of Corruption. The fifth article explains to the world’s scientists what Albert Einstein and all the other great scientists were hoping to find. All the work of the great scientists, who have gone before, was studied until full understanding came in Huu Tieu’s great mind. Then deep contemplation, imagination, experimentation and verification came together to produce the products that contain this health-building technology.

The practical application of Einstein’s Equation, E=MC2, came 24 years after the Nobel Prize was receiving for it in 1921. The practical application was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. The world was devastated by the application, and Albert Einstein apologized to the president for giving such a life-destroying concept to the world.

The Tieu Equation is exactly the opposite. It is the equation for life. The understanding of it shows us how nutrients penetrate sick, tired, toxin-infested, malfunctioning cells and delivers life-promoting nutrients for the cells to use as they return to normal function. You can recognize the Tieu Equation when you see something that looks like E=Y (The Y is supposed to be the wave function symbol). The E stands for “Energy”. T stands for “temperature” and the P means “particle”. The study of physics will bring more understanding. What we common folk really like is the experience of having it in our body. It’s amazing to feel that new wave of health dropped into our body and returning our cells to normal function again.

Until then … TAKE CHARGE! … Sylvia

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06 jun. 2023
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So grateful that our dear Huu was given stamina and knowledge to endure the pressures set before him in 2020. So rather than lying down and giving up, his convictions, understanding of the formula, physics and how the human body responds to the Elixir of Life kept Huu pressing forward to write one more paper, gather his evidence of the body's response to these drops when sick. Well written article, Sylvia.

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