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Life Is Quantum Biology Effects Explained from the Schrödinger Equation...

[Part 1]

Huu S. Tieu, Martin F. Loeffler

Journal of Biosciences and Medicines Vol.10 No.10,October 19, 2022


A plant based approach was undertaken to ascertain the efficacy of the Technology/Innovation of a new medical Technology based on similar activity to the circulatory system of plants. Basic Technology formulations were introduced into plant structures to evaluate the responses for cell division and plant growth which ultimately lead to the final product. This Technology/Innovation transforms and enhances common botanical/herb products such that they can be used to treat COVID-19 infection and Serious or Life-threatening conditions or diseases. They can restore the diseased cell’s abnormal metabolism to homeostasis and return it to normal function by slowing or reversing the cell’s malfunctioning metabolism, or in other words, slowing or reversing the disease process.


A systematic treatment for COVID-19 infection and Serious or Life-threatening illness in patients is based on theories of traditional Chinese medicine. The echnology/Innovation is developed as dietary supplement products for treatment of Serious or Life-threatening conditions or diseases.


The results consist of over one hundred Serious or Life-threatening patient medical records. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviewed/evaluated/accepted the Technology/Innovation patient medical record results, which included fifty-four COVID-19 patients with Prioritized Review Expedited No.: 2020-2867 CR2020-2596 information on September 16, 2020 and twenty-seven cancer patients Cancer Survival Rate Results in (Table 1) with FDA Establishment Identification No.: 3012327979 information on March 25, 2019 as FDA-Regulated medical products and meet the requirement under FDA Significant Scientific Agreement standards.


COVID-19 infection is a serious or life-threatening illness and economic burden. COVID-19 is an economic burden because it diverts resources and funding from countries in which the cost is a continuing problem. Medical resources are strained when COVID-19 comes to critical levels of infection and clinics and hospitals are slammed with excessive critical patient loads.

The FDA has reviewed/evaluated/accepted the technology/innovation dietary supplement products, substantiation and scientific evidence. FDA requested technology/Innovation health claims to measure the treatment for serious or life-threatening illnesses. Treatments for serious or life-threatening conditions or diseases are considered a novel approach to the diseased state. The Technology/Innovation has been developed to address cellular malfunction which has been shown to improve cellular function in plants, animals and humans.

This Technology/Innovation addresses the malfunction of a cell and assists the body’s healing. The body is an amazing mechanism that has the ability to repair and heal internal and external damage to itself. However the healing process often is prevented by an imbalance in the cell which prevents the cell from receiving the proper balance of nutrients and other elements produced by the body.

The Technology/Innovation is believed to incorporate a Quantum Wave that may partially separate the connection of the cells to allow the Technology/Innovation through cell wall structures in the body that otherwise have not been achieved. This could also be attributed to a Quantum Tunneling effect as the cell is not separated from the adjoining cells but has a tunneling effect through the adhesive layer that adjoins the cells. If the effect is not done correctly, it could break the cell wall or the adhesive layer that joins the cells together. This would create cellular damage. By supplying botanicals/herbals nutrients to the cell and using the Technology/Innovation to properly deliver the nutrients to the cell, the cell has an opportunity to be balanced and return to normal function.

The Schrödinger equation has explained the effect of a Quantum Wave in particle distribution through nonsolid and solid structure. It is believed that the Schrödinger effect produces a Quantum Wave from the Technology/Innovation and gives a pathway for nutrient intake. Further interpretation of the Schrödinger effect is that the cell may be penetrated through Quantum Tunneling. This effect has been observed by using Technology/Innovation to penetrate the cell wall and provide nutrients to the cell that have been blocked.

This New Medical Technology Innovation that was created by Huu S. TIEU has its background in science encompassing the discipline of Quantum Biology, Quantum Mechanics, Chemistry, etc. The Schrödinger equation is the very basis for Quantum Mechanics in Equation (1). Photosynthesis is the process by which plants turn sunlight into energy, for example, the plant leaves have to absorb the photons of light and create the systematic effect of Quantum Tunneling through the leaf surface to penetrate the outer layer of the leaf. This tunneling effect is observed in the crossing of the cell membrane and blood-brain barrier that separates the blood system from the nervous system.

Equation (1) Schrödinger equation:

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