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ImunStem Clinical Pharmacology of the Herbal/Botanical Product

Imunstem Mechanism of Action

ImunStem is an herbal/botanical product, which has pathogenesis and homeostatic properties.

ImunStem is taken in liquid oral doses for internal use. The components of the drug substance that make ImunStem are comprised from the extraction of these ingredients: Olive leaf, Yarrow flowers, Rosemary leaf, Yucca plant, and Cassia oil. The variety of components encompassing these botanicals have a wide use which provide antioxidant activity and a powerful positive effect on the immune system.

ImunStem allows the active ingredients to disperse throughout the body and bloodstream; it also has a direct effect on immune cells and cellular functioning.

ImunStem has immunostimulating properties in-vivo studies testing patients treated, increasing phagocytic activity and synthesis of helper cell function.

ImunStem has been shown to enhance Deoxyribonucleic Acid/DNA repair before, during, and after chemotherapy drugs, toxic exposure, and chemical-induced damage.

ImunStem modulates anxiety, initially including and then reversing these effects after long-term administration.

ImunStem has shown improvement in cellular Metabolism and cellular-level Hypoxia.

ImunStem improves the uptake of nutrients in the cell which can improve the overall function of the body through oxygenation and nutrition. The effects of improved oxygenation of the cell and blood circulation may improve healing times for patients suffering from Serious or Life-threatening conditions or diseases. To reverse Hypoxia is to reduce or eliminate cellular dysfunction.

An immune system that is overburdened results in body-wide ‘inflammation’, which describes decreased blood circulation, accumulation of metabolic waste such as radicals, aid-base imbalance, Localized Oxygen Deprivation, impaired energy production by the cells, etc.

ImunStem can play an integral role in the hypothalamic activity, easing both parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems towards a state of homeostasis. Since blood pressure level is directly linked to the sympathetic nervous system, the lower blood pressure levels exhibited following the administration of ImunStem are compatible with the stabilization of sympathetic nervous system activity. The pulmonary benefits observed are likely due to the focus on deep breathing, which places less pressure on the lungs and increases lung capacity, as well as overall improvement seen in breathing efficiency.

ImunStem reduces inflammation by affecting immune responsiveness through neuroendocrine factors. Its positive effect on balance is attributed to the improved use of vestibular input and wider stances.


ImunStem is readily absorbed into soft tissue matter when taken as an oral dose.

ImunStem is a fast-acting product that is felt by the patient in just a matter of minutes. This is accomplished because ImunStem readily passes through membrane tissue by passive diffusion penetrating the circulatory system. ImunStem is a fast-acting substance. Once the onset of action takes place, patients can notice immediately: calmness, improved breathing, mental clarity, and alertness.

It is postulated that in arresting abnormal cellular mutation, the precursors for normal and enhanced cellular regeneration and cell division can be accelerated about the selective existing disease pathology. Observations of in-vivo testing that display the ability of ImunStem components to dissolve in hydrophilic substances propose that in the finished chemical form of the product and with its unique makeup, ImunStem produces a bipolarity that facilitates molecular diffusion through various permeable and selective membranes.

It is therefore theorized that the combination of the bodies’ thermal energy, particularly during variance mutation and inflammatory processes, potentiates the self-propelling of molecules by possible passive membrane transportation or passive diffusion of the ImunStem compound intact to cross the blood-brain barrier, also displaying lipophilicity (or lipophilic quality), to retain efficacy and activity for the central nervous system.

**In-vi vo studies involving treated test subjects have immune system activity in tests including blood tests and have provided the efficacious ability to improve immune system function while maintaining the cellular structure to tissue intact. These studies also reveal that ImunStem continues to provide improved immune system function with long-term use.

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