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Fighting cancer without chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery was the best play I've ever made! 

Former NFL Quarterback

Cancer Esophageal Adenocarcinoma

Jerry Robinson

After two hip replacements and failing shoulders, I needed to find the fountain of youth! 

Former NFL Linebacker

Surgeries | Chronic conditions


I believe these treatments will help me live to be 120 years old. I just feel too good!"

Joe Maddox, Texas Rancher

Cancer - Throat - Stage 4


ImunStem and Aktiffvate have me rockin' again.

Ant Glynne, Rock Musician

Cancer - Lung and Brain


It's been 23 years since I can remember feeling close to this good.

Mark Avery, MLB Player/Coach

Neuro, concussions; memory loss, pain

Watching my family die of cancer and seeing them go through chemo and radiation, I knew I didn't want to take that route. I would rather die than do that!

Isabel Ruiz, Cancer Survivor

All I can say is honestly, it doesn't matter about stardom, celebrity, fame or all that -- it helped -- and I say take it, try it!

Sheldon Reynolds, Parkinson's